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The Artwork Of Tim Odell

Born just north of London back in 1963

Since 1963

Born just north of London back in 1963, I was lucky enough to have a very talented father who could literally draw anything, always doodling he encouraged me to do the same, always saying "draw what you see".... I wasn't aware of Hot Rods as a kid, of course we had Matchbox cars and Hot Wheels but I didn't think they were actually based on "real" cars...Fast forward to the early 70s and I bought a copy of Hot Rod magazine instead of my usual weekly comic and inside was Robert Williams' "Tribute to the Flathead" piece...BAM!!! it hit me, that's what I wanted to draw....I soon found out that there weren't many Hot Rods in the UK, a few, but more Custom Cars, murals painted all over them, buttoned dralon interiors, all based on boring UK motors, well they were boring to me....

Its a world away now as there is a massive Hot Rod scene right across Europe, big shows, small shows, you name it .....

My genre of Hot Rodding is the traditional side of it including drag racing as well as bikes....I like to try out as many different mediums as I can but the humble pencil is my favourite and I love detail, chrome, reflections in fact the more difficult the subject , the more i enjoy it.....Sit back and take a look at what i get up to ...Maybe you'd like your car, your bike or even your pet goat drawing.....Head to the contact page......

Cheers Tim